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Thompson Brand Partners

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When Thompson hit 30 this year, I didn’t really want anything retrospective. Although I started the company as a one man band in October 1984 with no real plan, other than to try and produce good work, I’m still more interested in what everyone is doing and thinking right now. I asked the current team and some of the people who have been through our doors to produce a piece of work that talks about what interests them now. 30 individual insights into the the way creative people think is the result - a mix of obsessions, interests and welcome distractions.

Ian Thompson

Great brands are built from the heart.

If there’s anything we’ve learned in our 30 years in branding, it’s that building businesses and brands is a very personal thing. People invest a great deal of themselves in them, so they’ve got every reason to love and protect them. So when it comes to branding, we know that to do it well, we need to love our clients’ businesses the way they do. So that’s what we’ve built our company on. It means that we’re on the same journey as our clients and that we’re an essential part of their great adventure.

It’s the kind of responsibility that drives us to be the very best. And it means that we’re as excited as our clients when we reveal the true, powerful joy of what their businesses and brands have to offer.

That’s why we take what we do so seriously.

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